The story of the Club begins in 1982 when James Johnson and a few property friends would meet up and shoot a few clays in a field followed by some liquid refreshment and a punt on the local river. Thus the Property Gun and Punt Club (PGPC) was formed.

A few years later another chartered surveyor, Roger Tuck, met James at Weatherall Green & Smith, where they often discussed their mutual love of shooting and its lack of profile within the property world. A decision was made to expand the Club’s casual shooting activities into a formal shoot for the property world and thus in 1986 they organised the first PGPC annual competitive shoot at Lower Lodge Shooting Ground that was duly won by Jones Lang Wootton.

A casual pastime thereafter evolved into an exclusive club; calendar events increased incrementally and a loyal community was born. 38 years ago the PGPC was founded on a love of the sport and today this ethos continues to unite members, new and old.



For over 34 years, The PGPC has continued to grow; the club’s voluntary committee members all share a passion for organising PGPC events, and uniting the shooting community within the property industry.

With a rich thirty-four year history, the club continues to progress, and the community strengthens in numbers and character each year. Nationally, we have now established three area clubs: London (covering the South), Manchester (covering the North-West) and Birmingham (covering the Midlands). 

London hosts a number of events from April until October; these shoots attract members nationwide, giving you a great opportunity to network throughout the country, whilst having fun enjoying a much-loved English sport.



The new decade brings great promise for the club. With continued modernisation, and an influx of new members, the club is ready to share it’s tales with a new era of shooters. The heritage, history and integrity of the club is everlasting, and the honest vision of James A. Johnson and Roger Tuck will forever withstand; property, shooting and friendship will remain the foundations of the club.


Our members will continue to pass down stories, traditions and memories to new generations of shooters. And by embracing new technologies, and new ways to promote our sport, we continue the success of our much loved club.

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